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About Us


Nightingale Nurseries have been carefully designed by an experienced and knowledgeable Leadership Team to create spacious, comfortable and enriching learning environments. The nurseries have been designed to facilitate stimulating and safe learning opportunities for children as they progress through the Early Years.

Each home room is warm, light, safe and inviting with interactive displays that celebrate the children’s successes and demonstrate their learning journeys. Over time we have built up a diverse bank of resources which means we are able to follow the children’s interests and offer an individual learning experience for each child. 

Nightingale Nurseries offer childcare of the highest standard because we believe:


  1. In order to thrive, young children need a safe and stable environment offering new challenges and opportunities for learning.  The professional adults to whom the child attaches are of central importance to their development.

  2. The whole child and every aspect of her/his development is important. Social, emotional, physical, intellectual and moral development are all interconnected and must be nurtured alongside each other.

  3. Early childhood is the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives. Their experiences during their early years are the most informative and influential years of a child’s life and their experiences now will shape their future.

  4. Children learn through hands- on, practical experience. A child’s most valuable learning experiences are those which interest, inspire and challenge them. They need imaginative and creative experiences to broaden their learning and understanding. Through providing valuable play opportunities, we can teach children about themselves and the world around them.


Nightingale Nurseries has facilities to care for 169 children aged from birth – 8 years old across both buildings. Our nurseries are split into age- specific groups including Babies, Tots, Toddlers, Pre-Schoolers and Before and After Schoolers. This means that all equipment, activities and learning opportunities are pitched at an appropriate level that supports each child’s learning and provides engagement, success and challenge. We offer a child-centred curriculum.  The day is structured, but flexible, enabling us to offer a wide range of activities and experiences, within a homely relaxed atmosphere.

We have a strict recruitment criteria for our staff and select those with a genuine love and understanding of children.  We have a highly qualified Leadership team who support and guide all staff at the nurseries and support many staff who are working towards higher education qualifications. The Proprietor is an experienced Nursery and Infant Teacher with a Certificate in Education; she also holds a BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Studies and is qualified as a Nursery Nurse N.N.E.B. She also has the Early Years Professional Status qualification. The Leadership Team model a commitment to continued growth and development within Early Years by achieving a range of further qualifications including Early Childhood degrees, Early Years Teacher Status, Early Years Professional Status, Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Primary) and Masters degrees in Education. 

We are pleased to offer funded places to eligible 2 and 3 year old children. Grant Funded sessions can be arranged to be flexible around the needs and wants of parents,  depending on the Nursery’s availability. The hours a child is eligible for are completely free and all other required additional hours are charged at normal Nursery rate.

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